Petite Maman
So Fetch!


Saturday, July 8, 2023

4:30pm • Legally Blonde
7:15pm • Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde

Little Theatre 1 (240 East Ave.)

“What, like it’s hard?”

Bring your pink resumes, and join us for a fabulous summer double-feature with Reese Witherspoon’s iconic Elle Woods.

4:30 p.m. Legally Blonde (2001, PG-13, 96 min.): Elle Woods has it all. She’s the president of her sorority, a Hawaiian Tropic girl, Miss June in her campus calendar, and, above all, a natural blonde. She dates the cutest fraternity boy on campus and wants nothing more than to be Mrs. Warner Huntington III. But, there’s just one thing stopping Warner from popping the question: Elle is too blonde.

7:15 p.m. Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde (2003, PG-13, 95 min.): After Elle Woods, the eternally perky, fashionably adventurous, famously blonde Harvard Law grad gets fired by her law firm because of her opposition to animal testing, she takes her fight to Washington. As an aide for Congresswoman Victoria Rudd, she pushes for a bill to ban testing once and for all, but it’s her building’s doorman who advises her on how to get her way on the Hill.

About the series

Black Cinema Series
So Fetch! Series

We’re making “fetch” happen with “So Fetch!” — a new series of rom-coms, chick-flicks, and fabulous turn-of-the-millennia cinema.

The words were iconic as soon as they left Gretchen Wieners’ mouth in 2004’s “Mean Girls.” That’s so fetchBoth the quote and the movie defined a fresh type of genre — fetch films for a new audience. This series is for that crowd. Maybe “fetch” never happened for Gretchenbut this category of comedies will forever be great and cool (grool, if you will), and we’re here for it.