Laura Wilder

Laura Wilder

On display through May 29, 2023. Laura has been a Roycroft Renaissance Artisan specializing in block printing for over 25 years. The prints are created by doing a separate hand-carving for each color, and printing the inked carvings on an antique hand-cranked letterpress.

Looking Forward…

June: 2023: Kathy Farrell

July 2023: Arena Art Group / Dan Scally

August 2023: Phyllis Ely & Patrice McPeak

September 2023: Paul Dodd

October 2023: David Burke

November 2023: Print Makers Group / Pat Bacon

December 20223: Franzi & Zazie Weldgen


For Little Cafe art exhibit bookings, contact Zanne Brunner, Little Cafe Art Curator: Exhibiting artists must be members of the Little Theatre.


“Thread – Art of Seven Decades” – Peter Monacelli

“Thread – Art of Seven Decades” – Peter Monacelli

ART EXHIBIT"Thread - Art of Seven Decades" by Peter Monacelli March 1-28, 2023Location: The Little Theatre CafeReception: 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Mar. 5, 2023 (with music from The Margaret Explosion)Hours: Cafe Open Hours (see Statement: Art through seven decades by Peter Monacelli.

Field Trip Visions III

Field Trip Visions III

Field Trip Visions III is an art exhibition by four Artist/Educators. Zanne Brunner, Judy Gohringer, Courtney Gruttadauria and Nancy Valle created abstract paintings and prints responding to a variety of personal interests, some familiar and some new.