“Washboards and Beyond…” – Washboard Dave Paprocki

January 2022

Location: The Little Theatre Cafe
Reception: Sunday, January 9 @ 2pm-4pm
Hours: Cafe Open Hours (see

Artist Statement: Dave Paprocki

Going back from 1963 to 2008 I played drums in several different bands. Playing Rock, Blues, Zydeco, Cajun, Country Rock and Bluegrass. In 2008 I decided to pack the drums away
and picked up the washboard.

I discovered it’s versatility as a marvelous percussion instrument. Along it’s corrugated surface, I could strum, scratch,
and tap. Adding my own personal touch using the replacement for the standard drum kit. Only using a washboard and 6 sewing
thimbles. Along the way, I began adding some other percussion pieces to widen the variety of tones, color and texture.

After having built 3 playable washboards, (with the help of my friend Ray Schmitt) it seemed natural that I keep building more
boards. Only this time, I began constructing “wall hung” versions.

In 2013, my new search began. The washboard became my canvas. Finding items that are mostly non-musical, but more of a
design statement. I would scout out pieces of unusual beauty to dirty rust. Estate sales, flea markets, garage sales, and the like,
were my treasure chests of goodies.

In the beginning, the “assemblage” was more of a creation of found items that looked good together. Gradually, I found myself
working with themes. Creating themes that not only looked good. But, felt good as well. Some are dark, some are light hearted. While others would be seen differently by each viewer. Some, I can’t explain.

I’m so very thankful that The Little Cafe’ Art Gallery provides a space for me to share my works. The same space where, over
many years, so many other artists have shared their talent with such an appreciative audience.