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Not Rated | 1 hr 32 min | 2022 | Comedy
USA | English

One Week Only!

All Screenings (except on Saturday, May 4) will be in our historic Theatre 1 (240 East Ave)


Wednesday, May 1


Thursday, May 2


Friday, May 3

3:00pm • 5:30pm

Saturday, May 4

12:45pm • 3:30pm

Sunday, May 5

12:00pm • 7:30pm

Monday, May 6




This revolutionary DIY parody film and hilarious reimagining of the classic autobiographical coming-of-age story follows an unconfident, closeted trans girl as she moves to Gotham City to make it big as a comedian by joining the cast of UCB Live – a government-sanctioned late night sketch show in a world where comedy has been outlawed. 

Helmed by writer/director/editor/star Vera Drew and using her own life experiences as a basis for the film, THE PEOPLE’S JOKER is a deeply personal journey that’s as much documentary as it is parody. 

Originally screened as part of Anomaly – The Rochester Genre Film Festival.  


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