Polish Film Festival



2019 / 79 minutes / Poland
In Polish with English subtitles

Not Rated


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

A universal tale, kept in a realistic style, tells the story of a few hours in the life of a rural community. A horrible accident will interweave the destinies of a woman and her two little children with that of a politician, who runs them over, and of a policeman, who arrives at the scene. The horrific events are closely observed by the locals, armed with smartphones and with their curiosity, which will soon turn into righteous anger. . Whilst part of the story hinges on coincidence, nothing here is especially unlikely, and it’s the very ordinariness of events that ultimately gives the film its power – this, together with a sense of immediacy that will have you on the edge of your seat throughout. There are no pauses for breath. There’s no way back.

The film offers an observation of the condition of a person in a critical situation and poses a question about the fundamental nature of coincidence and destiny. A vibrant story oscillating between drama, thriller and disaster film.