“Sticks & Stones” – Connie Ehindero and Constance Mauro

October 2021

Location: The Little Theatre Cafe
Reception: Sunday, October 17 @ 2pm-4pm
Hours: Cafe Open Hours (see

Connie Ehindero 


Ehindero’s art comes from the immersion in the natural world, translating its lines and forms, seen and unseen, past and present, onto canvas and board. The paintings quite often move between dimensional space and the flat surface of abstraction. Layers are revealed using charcoal, acrylics with gel mediums, and recently using the encaustic process. Her works also interplay between the literal landscape and our more primal connection to the natural world. Most of her body of work has been painted from the landscape around Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes Region in New York State

Constance Mauro


The work being shown is a grouping of encaustic painting and monotypes. Sketches done on site and photo references inspired the Rock Series paintings. The images were interpreted in an abstract manner using texture and a limited palette. The monotpyes are more interpretive pieces. The images invite the viewer to his or her own take on the work. Everyone views things differently and they are encouraged to create their own story.