The Little Theatre
NOTE: All Events & Special Screenings in Theatre 1 require PROOF OF VACCINATION and a mask to attend.
General screenings and live music in Little 2-5 + Cafe require a mask, regardless of vaccination status.
Please read our updated Covid Safety Policy for FULL DETAILS
Popcorn Pop-Up in support of ImageOut


Little 2-5 + Cafe

Our May “Popcorn Pop-up” is in celebration of ImageOut’s “First Cut” Spring Festival. Pre-order a large popcorn (with or without butter) at or come in-person on Wednesday, May 12 and place your order inside at the concession stand (more popcorn sizes and other concession items available in-person).

Pre-orders close: Wednesday, May 12 at 4pm.

If you pre-order, you can come inside to pick up your order, or we can offer curbside service and bring your popcorn out to your car.

For curbside pickup: Arrive at the Little Theatre parking lot on Winthrop St. Call our Popcorn Hotline: (585) 258-0409. Tell us your name, order number, and car description and we’ll bring your concessions purchase out to your car.  Please note: we are NOT able to take new orders or make order changes curbside; you would need to come inside.