Blue Jasmine

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Blue Jasmine

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About the Film:

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To know Jasmine is to wish you didn’t. In Woody Allen's latest tour de force, a youthfully tenacious riff on Ruth Madoff, Jasmine (Cate Blanchett) arrives in the Bay area like she was just written off of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Ponzi Schemes. Spoiled, serpentine and vaguely schizophrenic, she’s a tragic shadow of the socialite she used to be before her mega-banker husband Hal (Alec Baldwin, natch) was pinched by the feds for some underhanded business dealings. The fraud turned untold millions of good dollars bad, exposing the rot at the heart of Jasmine’s persona and causing irreparable harm to those she had seduced with it.
The worst of the collateral damage has fallen upon Jasmine’s salt of the earth sister Ginger (Sally Hawkins, whose suffocated English accent somehow helps to sell the idea that both of the girls were adopted at birth). Once married to a lovable lug named Augie (Andrew Dice Clay in a small but surprising performance that oozes blue-collar brioche), Ginger’s relationship was doomed the moment the couple invested their life savings in one of Hal’s crooked ventures. Jasmine likes to see herself as a victim in all of this, and naturally sees nothing wrong with flying across the country to crash in the apartment Ginger shares with her new boyfriend Chili, (Bobby Cannavale), which is where she’s headed when the film begins.