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November's art exhibit from Richard Harvey and Nancy Valle is REVEAL. It will run from Nov. 1 to Nov. 30. The artists’ reception will be Sunday, Nov. 15 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.


About Richard Harvey (in his own words): "As a figurative artist, I explore the psychological and emotive potential of the human face and figure in a contemporary expressionistic style. My work diversifies across a broad range of two and three dimensional media, including digital and mixed media collage, encaustic painting, digital photography and mixed media figurative sculpture. In this exhibit, I continue to dig deep beyond the surface to capture and reveal various emotions, expressions or states of mind, as in the pieces "Hope" and "Split". Through line, colo, shading, texture, facial expression, digital and three-dimensional elements, I hope to evoke curiosity and an emotional response in the viewer.


About Nancy Valle: Since beginning in sculpture with clay, a broad theme has been central to my work: The relationship between the physical cycles of the natural world and our place within it. The current work in the exhibition “Reveal” is no exception. My new work is informed by observations, memories and ideas about who we are as individuals and how we reveal ourselves within nature, community, and culture. These ceramic figural forms are reactions to traditional portraiture - people represented at milestones in their lives from birth to the obituary photo. What do these portraits reveal?

My clay forms are hand-built using traditional techniques. The physicality of kneading, rolling, and hand-forming with clay drives the ideas that I want to represent in the ceramic form. Symbolism is an important part of my work and I find that surface marks, textures and colors are a visual language that enable me to communicate through clay. These surface marks and colors are added throughout each step of the building and glazing process, and also serve to integrate the form. The final kiln firing further transforms the clay and “freezes” the concept. The natural properties of clay: it’s plasticity, texture, and strength have enabled people throughout time to physically represent their stories. I am honored to be part of this human continuum.