Movies and a Microphone, Episode 2: Reflektor, TIFF & Grandma



Movies and a Microphone, Episode 2: Reflektor, TIFF & Grandma

By Scott Pukos
Movies and a Microphone host
[email protected]

If I had to pick one band to soundtrack my life, it'd be Arcade Fire. They're not necessarily my favorite band (though they're top-five), but their sound just makes me feel like my life is a movie -- it's equally inspiring, catchy, and cinematic. Not coincidentally, the band now has its own headlining movie: The Reflektor Tapes.

The documentary -- which has a one-time screening at The Little at 8:45 p.m. Sept. 23 -- focuses on Arcade Fire's fourth album, Reflektor, and the tour that followed its release. In a year loaded with great music, Reflektor was my favorite album of 2013. This is one reason I was pumped to get to see them play live during their Reflektor Tour (I saw them in Brooklyn's Barclays Center, where I was also fortunate to see someone dressed in a perfect replica of Jim Carey's orange tuxedo in Dumb and Dumber). This is another reason I was pumped to be able to discuss the band and The Reflektor Tapes on episode two of our Little podcast Movies and a Microphone (episode one is here).

My guest for this second episode was the talented Adam Lubitow, film critic at Rochester CITY Newspaper (be sure to check out his movie reviews and fall film preview). Aside from Arcade Fire, we also discuss the Toronto International Film Festival, and Lily Tomlin's new comedy Grandma (now playing at The Little!). 

Enjoy! And as always, feedback from other Little superfans is welcome.