A Trip to Nitehawk and Details on a Little Podcast

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A Trip to Nitehawk and Details on a Little Podcast

By Scott Pukos

While visiting my twin brother in Brooklyn this weekend, I wanted to take in some of the great cultural and cinematic offerings in the city. Among my stops was Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg. It’s a movie theater that shares some similarities with The Little - it focuses on independent and foreign films, it has a series akin to our MONDO features, and it serves food/drinks.

Now, there are also some features that are unique to Nitehawk - features that I really loved. For one, food and beverages are served in the theater, during the movie. The cinema offers creative dishes such as Irrational Clam for those seeing Woody Allen’s Irrational Man. They also have brunch (a quick side note: I love brunch, and want someone to start a brunch food truck in Rochester to follow me around in). I got the Nitehawk Benedict (a twist on the classic Eggs Benedict with tater tots and chipotle hollandaise sauce), along with a mimosa, while watching Dazed and Confused. It was a classy affair, trust me. Another fun fact I discovered about Nitehawk: Several of its employees used to work here at The Little! It’s always great to stumble onto coincidences like that.

Movies and a Microphone

I’m excited to tell you we’re starting a Little podcast. It’s tentatively titled “Movies and a Microphone”, though that’s subject to change (hey, even Seinfeld went through change - it was originally called The Seinfeld Chronicles).

The goal of the podcast is to have fun, share a few laughs, and of course, talk about movies. Our first episode discusses Irrational Man, moral quandaries and Joaquin Phoenix’s beer gut. Things get weird and goofy, but it’s short, and we’re hoping you’ll enjoy the conversation. There is currently no release date for this first episode, but we’re hoping to get it to you soon!

And I’m always looking for people to join me on the podcast, and discuss movies. So, if you’re interested, send me a line!

New this week

Wow. I’m very excited for this week’s lineup. The End of the Tour is one I’ve wanted to see for weeks, and it may even convince me to finally read Infinite Jest. Our other new film is Phoenix. I didn’t know much about this until I started writing this letter, but after watching the trailer, I’m equally pumped for this one. Its 99-percent fresh Rotten Tomatoes score (with 71 reviews) certainly helps.

In the world of MONDO, we’re taking you to Jurassic Park. This one boasts one of my all-time favorite theme songs - I want it to play anytime I do something triumphant in real life (and I definitely listened to it while writing this). Also, while I really enjoyed Jurassic World, Steven Spielberg’s original will always be the top dinosaur movie for me (sorry, Land Before Time). And speaking of books, I need to read Michael Crichton’s novel that started it all too (maybe I’ll tackle this before Infinite Jest).

As always, your feedback is appreciated, and have a great week!