A High-Five For Helpers and a Hot Dog Homecoming


A High-Five For Helpers and a Hot Dog Homecoming

At first it was a mere drizzle, but soon the rain was falling on Park Avenue at a furious rate. Our WXXI/Little booth for Park Ave Fest had just been assembled, but there was a major problem - we were at the wrong spot (which may or may not have inspired this).

It only got worse from there, as more rain dumped on us. We wondered how we were going to move the booth down a block from Meigs Street to Arnold Park without completely breaking everything down and re-assembling (which is a timely process, especially in the middle of a storm). As we brainstormed a number of ideas that almost certainly would have been huge mistakes, a pair of people passing by stopped at our corner. They watched for a second as we attempted to maneuver the giant WXXI tent on top of a vehicle, then quickly offered to help. Once the hulking object was on the car, it was clear that this idea was a bust.

"What do we do next?"

The rain came down harder, and the two strangers next to us had the solution.

"Why don't we just help?" They proposed. And they did help! The four of us lugged the top part of the booth to our correct location (we did benefit from the fact that it basically acted as a giant umbrella). They insisted it was a small gesture, but for us, it was huge - a simple act of kindness that helped us out immensely. (The picture of our successful adventure is attached). Thanks, guys! And if you happen to see Darius or Gabriel around town, be sure to give them a high-five (or two).

On to the highlights this week: We have a hot dog homecoming Tuesday (Aug. 11). Former Little employee Lloyd Handwerker returns to Rochester for a screening of his documentary Famous Nathan. This film tells the story of Lloyd's grandfather Nathan Handwerker, and the history of the iconic Nathan's Famous brand.

Joaquin Phoenix's latest, Irrational Man, also opens, and we have a MONDO screening of Forrest Gump (as always with MONDO, costumes are encouraged). You can find information on those, plus some of our special screenings right on our homepage. 

Also, be sure to check out the three new seats in our lobby outside the cafe. They take the comfort game up a few levels, and have cup holders! We'll be moving them to some theaters for you to try out, and the ultimate goal is to use them for a theater renovation (It would be for either theater 3, 4 or 5).  Let us know what you think!

Have a great week, and if you too have a story of unexpected kindness, pass it along!