“Changing Course” – Nancy Valle

December 2021

Location: The Little Theatre Cafe
Reception: Sunday, December 5 @ 2pm-4pm
Hours: Cafe Open Hours (see

Atist Statement:

During the past 20 years, my art medium of choice was clay. I loved the process of ceramics – the rhythm of rolling, joining, glazing, firing, and making any shape or surface required to represent my ideas. Many of the ceramic wall works in this show were made for an exhibit opening in March 2020, at the time of a great pause, world-wide and personal.
Later that year when I could return to the studio, I felt compelled to change the way I worked technically and physically with new media. I spent many solo hours experimenting with paint, silk screen, encaustic wax, printmaking – all on paper. Mixed-media became my new way of working.
Combining my works in clay with works on paper for this exhibit has been a deliberate expression of who I am as an artist. I see what hasn’t changed. Each work of art in this collection represents a very personal response to the places that I experience every day, both urban and rural.