Margaret Explosion

Photo courtesy Aaron Winters


Margaret Explosion

Thursday, May 16 @ 7pm

For nearly twenty years, Margaret Explosion has woven a unique musical fabric. They improvise and rarely return to a song. Peggi Fournier plays soprano sax, Ken Frank plays the double bass and Paul Dodd plays drums. Phil Marshall, formerly of Colorblind James Experience, is the newest member on guitar.

“Margaret Explosion’s music is infinite, eternally elegant, and mystical. They seem to pull songs out of the air. No pre-planning; no script. The music plays them, and what’s left is a perfect in-the-moment moment for this purely live band playing songs we’ll never hear again. It is sexy and cool to the max. Their esoteric wonder paints pictures in my head nonstop.” – Frank DeBlase – Rochester City Newspaper

“One of the most original and unusual bands in Rochester; a four-piece ensemble exploring all sorts of musical dimensions linked to free jazz, Third World melodies, exotic instrumentation and a spacey, enveloping sort of music. The Explosion plays with a single-minded purpose and organic oneness that’s most impressive.” – Jack Garner – D&C 

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