Punch Drunk Love


109 minutes | Romance/Drama | 1997
USA | English | Rated R


Monday, February 7

7:00pm • Little Theatre 5

Special one-night-only screening • Steeped in the bohemian cool of Chicago’s 1990s Black creative scene, Love Jones  —the smart, sexy, and stylish debut feature of writer-director Theodore Witcher — is a love story for anyone who has ever wondered: “How do I know when I’ve found the one?”

“I love it. […] Should serve as an inspiration for current filmmakers.” – NoirHistoire


Two urban African-Americans, Darius (Larenz Tate), an aspiring writer, and Nina (Nia Long), an aspiring photographer, share an instant connection after a chance meeting at a Chicago club. The two bond over music, photography and poetry, and eventually begin a torrid romance. However, when Nina decides to move to New York and mend her relationship with her ex-fiancé, Marvin (Khalil Kain), it leaves Darius heartbroken, and the couple’s future in jeopardy.