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“A Litany for Survival” Screening, Preview, and Q&A

Little Theatre 1 (240 East Ave.)

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Under the cover of night, BLM activists organize at the Mayor’s house to make their case for equal human rights in the heavily segregated city of Rochester, NY.

A selection of multiple national film festivals, and a Rooftop Films screening in Central Park.

“A Litany for Survival”
Documentary Short
Dir. Martin Hawk
12 mins  |  Unrated  |  Drama  |  2020  |  USA  | English 

“Pressure Gradient”
In-progress-documentary Preview
Dir. Martin Hawk
15 mins  |  Unrated  |  Drama  |  TBA  |  USA  | English 

About the Panelists

Casey Asprooth-Jackson

[Producer / Rochester, NY]
Since 2014 he has worked with Ramallah-based Idioms Film, a pioneering independent production company in Palestine’s film scene. His recent production credits include Ibrahim: A Fate to Define (2019), which made its North American premiere at TIFF 2019, and his forthcoming directorial debut, Chopped, was part of the Palestine Showcase at Cannes Film Festival in 2019.

Idioms Film was established in Ramallah in 2004 with the purpose of developing the cinematic capacity of independent film production in Palestine, by improving accessibility to production facilities, international film markets, and financing.

Our recent feature Documentaries titles includes “Ibrahim, A fate to define” by Lina Al-Abed, “Ouroborus” by Basma El- Sharif, “Ambulance” by Mohammed Jabaly, “Off Frame AKA Revolution until Victory” by Mohanad Yaqubi, and “Infiltrators” by Khaled Jarrar.


Martin Hawk

[Director, Cinematographer / Rochester, NY]

For the past 6yrs Hawk has built a career as a Platinum-selling recording artist & producer under the moniker ‘midnight’. As an independent artist, Hawk had learned to art-direct his own promos in order to cut costs. On May 30th, 2020, he was compelled to attend local demonstrations with his camera in honor of George Floyd’s murder.

On that fateful day trapped behind a police riot line, he began to record the militarized police response from the front lines. That began over 18 months of exclusive, unprecedented access to the leaders and members of Rochester’s resistance community.

In order to prove that he was an accomplice to the movement and also to escape imposter syndrome, Hawk was offered the opportunity to be the only media allowed outside a late-night demonstration in front of the Mayor’s house.

The resulting short documentary “A Litany for Survival”, went on to premiere at the Portland Film Festival, stream on Xfinity on Demand via NBC Universal, and was screened in Central Park as part of the NYC Rooftop Film Festival.

Hawk is currently working on his first feature-length ‘Pressure Gradient’.