Steve Grills 2021


Wednesday, April 3 @ 7pm

Charlie Lindner is an International multi genre musician from Rochester, NY. He has explored and mastered a wide variety of musical styles, releasing albums in progressive rock, funk, jazz, and electronic dance music. One of his most notable projects was the electronic duo “The Manhattan Project,” which wowed audiences at numerous large festivals, including MANN Amphitheater in Philly, Camp Bisco, and Rootwire. Lindner’s jazz projects have also earned him critical acclaim, with performances at prestigious venues such as the Smith Opera House in Geneva, the NAMM Show in L.A., and the Rochester International Jazzfest. The Pickle Mafia, one of his current projects, is a unique and innovative fusion of all of Lindner’s varied musical interests, creating a sound that is entirely its own. With each new project, Charlie Lindner continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences around the world, cementing his status as a beloved figure in the music world.