“The Way Through” – Paintings by Kathleen Hanney

Opens September 27 and on display throughout October 2022

Location: The Little Theatre Cafe
Reception: 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 2
Hours: Cafe Open Hours (see

A picture of Take Two outside The Little Cafe
Artist Statement:

My paintings are a visual conversation with both myself and the viewer about my emotional reaction to a given moment in time.  I share with the viewer how the changing light, color and evolving shapes of the world on any day reveal  transparent layers of color and mood that  allows for the transfer of my interior self to the exterior world. Seeking the excitement in the play of light or quality of color in the random occurrence of beautiful compositions either in nature or by accidental hand has a calming effect, enabling me to find my center and then share the energy and experience of the infinite possibilities each specific moment of life presents to us.

The process of layering color in the the medium of pastels, always leaving part of the previous layer exposed  adds depth to a painting. It is what makes the color appear lively and to vibrate the way it does in nature. Pastels are are a sensuous medium to work in. I love the feeling of dragging the pastel across the sanded surface of the paper and the vibrancy of the color. I want to invite the viewer in to share that pleasure and my experience of the moment.