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So Fetch!


Friday, August 11, 2023 | 7:30pm

Little Theatre 1 (240 East Ave.)
Doors open at 7:00pm

Death totally bites. Teenage drama. Kidnapping. Accidental murder! Jawbreaker joins Heathers in that deliciously sinister dark realm of teen films. Released in 1999, the movie follows three of Reagan High School’s most popular girls as they pretend to kidnap their friend. They do this by, of course, shoving a jawbreaker into the victim’s mouth to keep her from screaming. The plan goes very much AWRY.

Starring Rose McGowan, Judy Greer, Julia Benz, Rebecca Gayheart, Pam Grier, and PJ Soles. 

“If the cast of Clueless took a hit of acid, they’d be tripping into Jawbreaker.” – Out Magazine

“Jawbreaker is the most mainstream John Waters movie that John Waters never made.” – Horror Queers Podcast


1 hr 27 mins | Comedy, Drama| 1999| English
Rated R

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We’re making “fetch” happen with “So Fetch!” — a new series of rom-coms, chick-flicks, and fabulous turn-of-the-millennia cinema.

The words were iconic as soon as they left Gretchen Wieners’ mouth in 2004’s “Mean Girls.” That’s so fetchBoth the quote and the movie defined a fresh type of genre — fetch films for a new audience. This series is for that crowd. Maybe “fetch” never happened for Gretchenbut this category of comedies will forever be great and cool (grool, if you will), and we’re here for it. Browse full series details