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Hanna PK

Hanna PK

with Aleks Disljenkovic

Saturday, October 2 @ 6:30pm

Hanna PK is a solid pianist, soulful vocalist, and vibrant performer, born and raised in South Korea, currently residing in Rochester, NY.  She plays a wide variety of the blues & swing, old school folk, and boogie-woogie.  She has a dynamic songwriting style ranging – from a funky tune with socially conscious lyrics to a mournful slow blues, from a pop-edged ballad to an uplifting swinging number, and from barrelhouse boogie to jazz.  Her seemingly sweet and soft-spoken appearance often leads to surprise when hearing her rich, resonating voice that goes from a whisper to belting with intensity.  Her piano style is much more lyrical and imaginative than simply repeating so-called “licks”, though she knows when to toss them in the mix for a thrill, and is always in the groove.  And what draws the audience closer to her heartfelt, honest music are her genuine passion, and the originality that comes from within.

Guitarist Aleks Disljenkovic brings tremendous knowledge and experience to the band as well as his thoughtful accompaniment and beautiful tone. He is the leader of the White Hots, and worked with Rochester Music Hall of Famer Joe Beard for many years. In the mid-1980s, Aleks toured the U.S. , Canada, and Mexico with a number of blues headliners as well. He’s a quintessential guitarist whose soulful solos never fail to make a statement.

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