Noi e la Giulia (The Legendary Giulia and Other Miracles)

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Noi e la Giulia (The Legendary Giulia and Other Miracles)

Special Screening
Special One-Time Screening
Part of the Italian Film Series series.




Not Rated

About the Film:

An unexpected journey of two crossed destinies unraveling in a lost snowscape…

Diego, Fausto  and Claudio are three unfulfilled 40-year-old men, fleeing from the city and their own lives, and who, as perfect strangers, find themselves united in the joint effort of opening a Farm Stay. Joined by Sergio, a 50-year old, far gone fanatic, and Elisa (, a young pregnant woman who is decidedly off her head.

Putting a wrench in their dream is Vito, a curious Camorrista who’s come to ask for protection money, driving up in an old Giulia 1300. This threat will force them to rebel against the abuse in a daring way, and they will, bringing about a sudden, inconclusive, tragic-comic adventure of desperate resistance…

Directed by Edoardo Leo
Written by Edoardo Leo and Marco Bonini

Luca Argentero as Diego
Edoardo Leo as Fausto
Anna Foglietta as Elisa
Claudio Amendola as Sergio
Stefano Fresi as Claudio
Carlo Buccirosso as Vito

Notes from Edoardo Leo, the director of Noi e la Giulia:

Noi e la Giulia is the third movie I’ve directed. I felt the need to narrate a story with a sensitive social theme, I wanted to face an “important” issue. The opportunity came when I drew the screenplay from a formidable book by Fabio Bartolomei,
Giulia 1300 e altri miracoli.

Four deadbeats who don’t even know one another, and a curious girl running from the city, decide to embark upon an extraordinary venture which all of us, at a certain point in our lives, dream of doing. They decide to go into business together and remodel an old farmhouse, turning it into a Agri-Turismo. But in their dream, they neglect to take the territory into account.

A Camorrista arrives to explain how things work around there and… to ask for protection money. Their surprising, unexpected reaction will bring about an incredible adventure which will change their lives forever. At first, Noi e la Giulia might seem to be a classic movie about a wonderful story of friendship, and in part, it is. But the kind of “abuse of power” they fight takes the story beyond comedy. The great adventure of these five deadbeats is to manage to do something “nice” like the Agri Turismo, in an ugly, depressing, dangerous place, which everyone is running from. A nice thing which, in some way, will change the fates of them all… even the Camorrist gang members themselves.

The tremendous challenge for me, was to narrate such serious themes through the lens of comedy, to manage to entertain without removing any of what is perhaps
the major social wound of these times. A story of our own era. A story of civil resistance. Moreover, and certainly no secondary theme, it narrates a generational passage of the 40-50-year-olds of our country.

“We’re the Plan B generation. Working in this country is so revolting that when you add the disgust for work, to that for the city, you start developing your Plan B. At 20 it was the chiringuito bar on the beach. At 40, almost always it’s about Agri Turismo”. These are the words of Diego, the lead in the movie and this is just what every 40-year-old in a crisis with his life, thinks. The idea of leaving the city for a more healthy lifestyle, with more time for oneself…But what happens, if between you and your little dream of a healthier, more peaceful life, another loser barges in, but whose job it is to act for the Camorra?

What happens is that the five ‘deadbeats’ come together to struggle as they can for themselves, but also for all of us. Struggle, dreams, friendship, love, vibrant ideas,
lost ideals, failures, stokes of genius and especially other miracles… which I cannot reveal now.