Warsaw 44


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Warsaw 44 (Miasto 44)

Special Screening
Special One-Time Screening
Part of the Polish Film Festival series.




Not Rated

This is part of the 2015 Polish Film Festival at The Little. Stay after the film for a question-and-answer session with writer/director Jan Komasa.

About the Film:

Warsaw 44 one of the biggest and most eagerly awaited Polish movie productions in recent years. It is set during the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, the largest single military effort taken by any European resistance movement during World War II. The film is a riveting historical spectacle, full of emotion and brilliantly staged combat scenes alike, and absolutely deprived of any pathos.

18-year old Stefan joins his friends to fight the Germans. The first days of the uprising are joyous, the enemy retreats. But soon the German army enters Warsaw and the uprising is doomed. The movie’s main characters witness sacrifice and heroism, but also cruelty, betrayal and murder. They learn about love and discover what hate feels like.


Director and screenwriter: Jan Komasa
Principal Cast:  Józef Pawłowski, Zofia Wichłacz, Anna Próchniak, Maurycy Popiel, Antoni Królikowski, Karolina Staniec

Following the screening: a question-and-answer session with Jan Komasa.

Miasto 44 || Trailer 2 [English Subtitles]