Roger Kuhn

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Roger Kuhn

"Roger Kuhn is a fixture around these parts; a ghost if you will, steeped in the blues. Kuhn sings those blues as if he'd had them for 100 years. A street musician by trade, Kuhn can be seen throughout Rochester with his shiny dobro, squeezing Washingtons out of passers-by. His playing style is percussive and comfortably loose. There is a genuine air to Kuhn; he's charmingly authentic and so is his music. Kuhn's blues get in your head, and they ain't comin' out. Kuhn switches off between storied songs and instrumental tunes where the narrative is put in the keeping of the listener. Love lost, love won; only to be lost again; and themes of typical blues ambition and swagger tell the story of Roger Kuhn. He makes feeling bad sound so good."-Frank DeBlase, City Newspaper

Roger is proud to be celebrating 10 years performing as a solo act in Rochester, NY after spending his formative years learning the blues from a long list of Rochester's finest bluemasters. He's performed alongside Rochester legends Dan Schmitt & The Shadows, Jimmy Gondoli, John Cole Blues Band, Mary Haitz, Joe Likely, Steve Lyons, Steve Grills & The Roadmasters, and Joe Beard. As a solo act, Roger opened for national recording artists Dale Watson & The Lonestars, Nikki Hill, Scott H. Biram, Bob Log III, and Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies, to name a few. Kuhn performs semi-monthly in Rochester at the Bug Jar, Skylark Lounge, Montys Krown, Abilene and The Daily Refresher. He is a fixture in the Rochester underground rock n' roll/punk scene, sharing bills frequently with the likes of Harmonica Lewinski, The Televisionaries, 40 Rod Lightning, The Temptators, Hot Mayonaisse, Jackson Cavalier, and Tapehead.

Roger is proud to have recently released his first two, full length all original blues albums: 'Brand New Start' in 2015 and 'Dead Man's Shoes' in 2016.His third all original album 'Blues & Country Vol. 1' is set to be released later this year.