Best of the Rochester Teen Film Festival

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Best of the Rochester Teen Film Festival

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About the Film:

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The virtual "best of" film festival (including a few special guests) will debut for 7 p.m. Thursday, August 6, 2020

Best of RTFF (2011 – 2019) Lineup:

2011 - No Unicycles in the Gym (2:38) - Alex Ketchek 
        - Missing You (3:32) - Linh Truong

2012 - The Adventures of Green Lightning and Caterpillar Kid (13:08) - Sam Horowitz, Bradd Yound & Daniel Hubner 

2013 - More (4:38) - Kevin Chiu

2014 - Daydream (3:41) - Audrey Hackett & Jack Shutter

2015 - Science Stars Give Back (6:10) - East High School Film Stars - Shanquise Albert, Desarai Butler, Quion Callier, Lucy Lamin, John McBride, Sonyalice McGrew, Tamarik Oliver, Emily O'Neil, Keyli Pagan, Dejonta Patterson, Michael Ramsey, & Alana Sturgis

2016 - The Last Job (7:18) - Jake Kasperek 

2017 - Immortality of Ignorance (9:18)  - Dan Mauer 

2018 - How Much I Love You (5:26) - Ashley Kramer

2019 - When it's Dark Enough You Can See the Stars (5:37) - Reilly Widmayer

WXXI Public Broadcasting Council and the Little Theatre are proud to sponsor the 2020 Rochester Teen Film Festival, a collaborative, juried media competition for youth (13-18 years old) in the Rochester region.

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