Eric Heveron-Smith

Eric Heveron-Smith

March 2024 Residency 

March residency:

March 7: solo show (live looping multi-instrumental set)

March 14: Eric Heveron-Smith and Gordon Webster (swinging jazz and blues)

March 21: Swordfish Trio (jazz/funk/soul/blues/Afrobeat power trio)

March 28: Einstein’s Dreams, plus chamber orchestra (indie-folk/chamber pop)


Eric Heveron-Smith is a multi-instrumentalist who uses a loop pedal to create textural and melodic grooves based in jazz improvisation. These pieces can be as simple as a bass line that he solos over, or layer upon layer of instruments- open fingerpicked guitar, horn pads, funky lines and melodies, and vocal harmonies, all stacked on top of one another to immerse the listener in sound. He also performs original songs, written under the moniker Einstein’s Dreams, either on lone acoustic guitar or with the full complement of his live looping orchestra.