Stella Hill 2021 by Aaron Winters

Photo courtesy Aaron Winters


Cross-Strung: Meditations, Improviasations and Ambience for violin and harp

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Violinist Artur Korotin and harpist Sunshine Quan offer an ambient and meditative set of music that spans from classical to improvisations.

Artur and their violin are the new kids on the block in Rochester, NY. Huge fans of the Little’s events they are prepared to bow an assortment of music ranging from classical, electroacoustic, avant-garde, R&B, Hip-Hop, and freely improvised performances. Artur is part of the faculty at ROCmusic and recently discovered themselves as an interviewer and writer.

Sunshine is a harpist and Chinese zither player based in Rochester, NY. A frequent performer at the Little Theatre Cafe, she plucks an eclectic range of genres on her two too-many-stringed instruments: classical, contemporary, folk, pop, rock, Irish/Celtic, traditional Chinese, improvisations, and original compositions.