Blood Conscious

“Blood Conscious” Screening and Q&A

Little Theatre 1 (240 East Ave.)

$10  |  Tickets available online in advance, or at the door.

IMPORTANT: You must be fully vaccinated to attend this screening. Proof of full Covid vaccination is required to attend this event. You must bring a copy of your vaccination card or the NYS Excelsior Pass as well as a photo ID in order to gain entry to this event. No exceptions.


Kevin, his older sister Brittney, and her fiancé are expecting to spend an idyllic weekend at their parents’ lakeside cabin. But they find themselves stepping into a waking nightmare when they discover a horrific and bloody scene awaiting them. When an unhinged gunman bursts out of the woods ranting about his battle against demonic forces that have possessed the people of this quiet town, the stage is set for a night of paranoia and violence as the siblings do everything they can to survive the night.

Live post-film Q&A with the filmmakers to discuss the film’s Rochester connections, and finding real-life relevance in horror movies.

81 mins  |  Unrated  |  Thriller  |  2021  |  English