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Sunny Talks I Origins

By Sunny Zaman, Little Theatre Intern

I was sipping a simple variation of the Little Café's quirky caffeinated concoctions (vanilla latte), and my buddies were chewing on their respective wraps.

Oliver said, through his full mouth,
"What is I Origins about?"

We had entered The Little planning to see A Most Wanted Man, featuring our Rochester pride and joy; the colorful I Origins poster had tickled Oliver's aesthetic fancy.

Fierce Performances and Deliberate Pace Exalt "The Rover"

By Matt Passantino

In 2010, film-going audiences were introduced to director David Michod with Animal Kingdom. The film immersed American viewers in the talents of Jacki Weaver and Ben Mendelsohn, but also it also brought to light a new director with a keen sense of tension.

Like Animal Kingdom, The Rover is a slow-burn film, one that requires audiences’ patience in arriving at an outcome. Thankfully, Michod always makes the wait worthwhile.

Richard's 400-Mile Ride

On July 13, Richard Vuillequez, started a 400-mile trek on his recumbent bicycle. He is 74. Why is Richard doing this? Why would anyone do this? Well, a deep-set love for the Little Theatre can inspire enough grit to move mountains, or, as the case may be, ride the Erie Canal trail, from Buffalo to Albany. Click here to learn how he's helping - and how you can help too!

Philip Seymour Hoffman fits perfectly in God’s Pocket

by Robert Barlow

God’s Pocket is one of only three remaining films starring Fairport native and Academy Award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman that will be released following the actor’s death. The weight of this importance, especially here in Rochester, hits you directly in the chest as Hoffman’s familiar heavyset build and disheveled looks are featured predominantly in the opening shots of the film.


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