Benny Bleu

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Benny Bleu & Green Heron

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

A lifelong inhabitant of the Finger Lakes hills, Benny Bleu’s music is as reflective of the place as the lakes themselves.  An award winning banjo player (1st place at two popular roots music festivals: GrassRoots 2016 and Oldtone 2019) and cherished songwriter, Benny lives up to the truest form of folk music – made by the folks, for the folks.  His recent records Warm Prickly (2019) and Swatting the Flies (2021) are esteemed by local music connoisseurs as “soft and swaying, breezy, country folk” (CITY Newspaper) and “a fresh voice that speaks to the roots of Country, Old Time, and authentic American music” (Bernunzio Uptown Music).  His ever-fresh repertoire of exciting banjo and guitar instrumentals and thoughtfully written songs will meet you where you’re at and provide a “musical antidote” (CITY) you didn’t know you needed.