Anomaly Film Festival 2021

Thursday, Nov. 4 — Sunday, Nov. 7
Little Theatre 1 (Thurs) • Theatre 5 (Fri-Sun)
Tickets: $12 • Passes: $85

Anomaly – The Rochester Genre Film Festival showcases independent genre films and the amazing artists who make them. The term “genre films” refers to horror, science fiction, fantasy, action, dark comedy, and the truly indescribable – stories that refuse to be contained within the categories of just “comedy” or “drama,” and films that exist in the shadowy boundaries in-between. Anomaly hopes to be able to broaden our audience’s minds, and maybe awaken some forgotten demons.


IMPORTANT: Proof of vaccination (along with photo ID) and a mask are REQUIRED to attend this event. Please read our updated COVID Safety Guidelines for full details.

Thursday, November 4th

6:30 PM
Strawberry Mansion | and Sinverguenzilla in First Kiss (Little 1)

9:30 PM
Alligator | and The Warehouse (Little 1)

Friday, November 5th

6:30 PM
Black Friday | and Strangers in the Night | and Claustrophobia (Little 5)

9:30 PM
After Blue (Dirty Paradise) | and 1-888-5-Blue-You (Little 5)


Saturday, November 6th

10:00 AM
Sweet, Salty, and Scary Saturday Shorts (Little 5)

1:00 PM
Zalava | and Garden of the Gods (Little 5)

4:00 PM
Hellbender | and Annabel Lee (Little 5)

7:00 PM
New York Ninja | and Bloodshed (Little 5)

10:00 PM
Let the Wrong One In | and Iron City Asskickers (Little 5)

Sunday, November 7th

11:00 AM
Def By Temptation | and Forgive Us (Little 5)

1:30 PM
The Found Footage Phenomenon | and POSSESSIONS (Little 5)

4:30 PM
We’re All Going to the World’s Fair | and What’s Left Inside (Little 5)

7:30 PM
Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes | and Aria (Little 5)