Polish Film Festival

All for My Mother


2019 / 102 minutes / Poland
In Polish with English subtitles

Not Rated – This film is recommended for ages 14 and up.


Monday, April 12, 2021

Wszystko dla mojej matki

Seventeen-year-old tomboy Ola has two obsessions in life—making the Olympic track team and reuniting with her mother. Ola was only 5 when she was taken away from her mother, a well-known athlete. For years, she has desperately attempted to establish contact with her and find out the family truth. She has bounced around between orphanages and has finally caused enough trouble to be sent to a girls’ juvenile reform school. There she experiences a downward spiral of isolation and abuse that would break most souls.

All for My Mother is a remarkable multi-protagonist film, which introduces viewers to the emotional ups and downs of orphanage life, as well as the pressures, anger and longings felt by the young women.