On Display From:
Saturday, January 3 to Friday, January 30

Kylie Newcomer Photography
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Artist Statement

It is not very often that I feel successful in a series that I have planned. The series that I produce and feel most successful in are ones that develop through subconscious pattern forming. Images 1-10 in the gallery are part of a series that I call “Isolation vs. Solitude.” Some images are a few years old and some are a few months old. Consistency is kept through tones, lighting and composition which all work together to form a feeling of singularity in each image.

This series emerged through personal struggles of fearing isolation and learning to enjoy and eventually crave solitude. The earlier photographs depict feeling isolated in a cold, irreversible way. The later photographs show evolution of the series through showing the beauty of solitude, having time to develop ones own ideas, unaffected. Solitude leads to individuality. Lighting was my biggest aid in differentiating between the two views.

Photographing helps me sort whats going through my head. I hope that my images can mean something to others as well.

Images 11-16 are images taken backstage at From the Ground Up Fashion Show, while the models prepared for the show. The show was beautiful but I really enjoyed photographing the preparation. The lighting in the room was beautiful and I enjoyed how the anticipation could be felt. I am enjoying shooting portraits more and more, while the only trace of an individual in my earlier work was a silhouette.

Image 17 is a diptych of photographs taken at night, in Rochester. I love going out to shoot at night, downtown. I selected this image from my collection of Rochester night shots because it reflects my fascination with diptychs and color play. I think diptychs have a lot of power to really tell a story and I like to connect two images through a color. In this case, the repetition of yellow. What I enjoy about photographs, and even more so diptychs, are their power to provoke endless interpretations.

-Kylie Newcomer


On Display From:
Saturday, January 31 to Friday, February 27