COVID Safety Policy

The Little is committed to doing its part to keep everyone safe, to be able to enjoy movies and music, together in the theatres and cafe. We hope you will do the same, and encourage your friends and family to get vaccinated and wear masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Little now requires proof of full COVID vaccination to enter Little 1, Little 2-5, and the Little Cafe, in order to attend any screening, concert, or event. This policy will apply to all audience members, staff, volunteers, performers, musicians, guests, and speakers.

Covid Policy header


In order to attend any screening, concert, or event, in any theatre or in the cafe, audiences (5 years and older) must now present the following items at the entrance to each building:

  1. Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination.
  2. A valid photo ID (matching your name on your vaccination proof).
  3. Be wearing a mask to enter the building, and at all times in the facility (except when eating or drinking).



You must bring a valid vaccination card, NYS Excelsior Pass, or equivalent — as well as photo ID — to be allowed in the theatre. NO EXCEPTIONS. (We cannot just take your word for it! So do NOT forget!)

Valid forms of proof-of-full vaccination are:

  • Your vaccination card (and photo ID)
  • A photo of your vaccination card (and photo ID)
  • A New York State (NYS) Excelsior Pass, or Pass Plus (and photo ID)
    • Register at: (just a few simple questions)
    • Then download the “NYS Wallet” app from your smart phone’s app store, to scan a QR code and sync your data from computer-to-phone.
    • The whole thing takes less than 5 minutes!

Please have your identification ready to check-in at the front door of the theatre. We will NOT admit you without your vaccination proof!


A mask is also required at all times throughout the building — except when eating and drink — and must be covering your nose AND mouth.


In order to provide a safe, streamlined checkpoint, we have temporarily limited entrances to each building.

Theatre 1: Please enter the building through the main entrance at 240 East Ave, under the marquee. (The back door off the Winthrop Street parking lot is temporarily closed.)

Theatre 2-5 + Cafe: Please enter the building through the main entrance, off our parking lot at 8 Winthrop Street, under the neon sign. (The back door on Pitkin Street is temporarily closed.)

Additional Precautions

  • Stay home if you’re sick – we can get you a refund if you need one.
  • Wash your hands – 20 seconds with soap and water, or hand sanitizer.
  • Try to minimize time in the lobby – buy your tickets online, in advance.

What We Are Doing

Theater Capacity: The Little will be adhering to state guidelines on theater capacity.

Air filtration: The Little Theatre has reviewed and upgraded its air filtration systems to comply with the mandatory New York State guidelines. Additional air purifiers are running in both buildings, throughout the day. These units filter units filter the air, and increase overall air changes in the space. 

Sanitization: There will be increased cleanings of theaters, bathrooms, concessions, surface areas, etc. Seating will start half an hour before the listed start time to allow for proper cleaning and sanitization. Your patience is appreciated.

Private Rentals and Events

Private events, rentals, and screenings by outside parties may choose to enforce stricter guidelines on their event. Please carefully read all event and screening information to understand your responsibility as an audience member, in this changing time.

The Little continues to follow safety guidelines from the state, county, and health experts. This is a fluid situation, and as a result, these procedures are subject to change. Check back for guideline updates prior to visiting The Little.