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The Jane Mutiny, like all mutineers, does not respect authority.The band is known for daring arrangements of great songs from all genres. The band has been known to commandeer songs by artists as diverse as The Beatles, Foo Fighters, Amy Winehouse, and The Almann Brothers and give them a unique, bluesy, Americana spin. Oh, and there are a few originals, too.


November 28 - 8:00pm
November 30 - 7:00pm
December 2 - 7:00pm
December 3 - 7:00pm
December 4 - 8:00pm
December 5 - 8:00pm
December 7 - 7:00pm
December 9 - 7:00pm
December 10 - 7:00pm

Steve Grills is a staple on Rochester's blues scene and has been for 30 years.

December 11 - 8:00pm