Virtual Screening FAQ


What is the Virtual Little?
While theaters across the nation are closed to follow social distancing rules, some distributors have stepped up by allowing people to watch their new (and some old) releases from home and giving a portion of the “ticket” price back to theaters. 

Each distributor has their own website and terms for how you can rent and watch the film. 

How do I watch the films?
Each film that the Little offers is available through the individual distributor’s website and streaming platform, but in order to make sure those sales come back to our community, you need to access the films from our links or make sure you select The Little Theatre on the distributor's site.  Each distributor is a little bit different, so click the link you’re interested in and follow the directions for renting and watching the film that you are interested in.

I paid for a film, but I can’t figure out how to watch it. Help!
Once you’ve completed the purchase, your browser should display instructions on how to watch the film, including information on what apps are available for streaming devices. The other place to check is on the receipt sent to your e-mail. When you complete your purchase, distributors will email you a receipt that contains instructions. If you’re still having difficulty accessing your film, contact the distributor through their tech support - their info is usually at the bottom of that email.

Is there a member discount?
Unfortunately, since we aren’t handling the ticketing, we can’t set the price. Each screening is offered by the distributor at a flat rate to everyone. When we reopen, we will resume membership prices and other discounts, but for now these sales offer us critical support so that we can someday (hopefully soon!) reopen. If you want to explore other ways to help us out at this time, check out our support page.

How can I pay for a movie?
Follow the instructions on the distributor’s page. Most accept credit card or paypal. Unfortunately, other forms of payment - including gift certificates - are not available at this time.

Can I get a refund?
All refunds will be handled by the distributor and not The Little.