The Little Popcorn Pop-Up


The Little's concession stand is going curbside. The theatre at 240 East Avenue will open a Popcorn Pop-Up where you can purchase Little Popcorn to-go. * New additions alert * We are now offering The Little Classic Combo, featuring featuring a large Little Popcorn, a Nanaimo Bar, and one 16 fl oz bottle of Orangina. Details in The Little Shop.

**Purchases of alcohol must be paired with an order of food.**

Here's how it will work:

  • Order your popcorn at You can purchase your food/beverages to be picked up Friday or Saturday 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The Little is taking orders up to 4:30 p.m. on both Friday and Saturday. The price of a large popcorn is $5.50.
  • Arrive at The Little's Winthrop Street parking lot (outside Little 2-5) during your selected timeframe.
  • Give our Popcorn Hotline a call at (585) 258-0409. Please have your order number ready (this four-digit number will be sent to you in a confirmation email from PayPal). Note: Since we only have one phone line, it could be busy the first time you call. Thank you for being patient with us! 
  • Stay in your car, and we'll deliver the popcorn to you. If possible, please pop your vehicle's trunk, and we'll safely store your food/drink in there.
  • If you're walking, biking, or skateboarding to The Little, please let us know on the phone so we can ensure a contactless delivery for you.
  • Rent a film from The Virtual Little, or stream live tunes from The Virtual Little Cafe (both available at, while enjoying the ultimate movie theater snack.

Additional Notes:

  • Delivery is not available; all orders are for pickup only.
  • No cash or cards will be accepted in person. All orders must be placed online in advance.
  • Any popcorn vouchers, passes, and discounts -- including The Little's 90x90 Popcorn Pass -- are NOT valid for the Popcorn Pop-Up.
  • For the safety of our customers and staff, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR when you arrive. The Little's buildings will NOT be open for customers to enter for ANY reason.

Thank you for the support, and enjoy your Little Popcorn!