On the Waterfront


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On the Waterfront

Special Screening
Special One-Time Screening
Part of the Classical 91.5 Presents series.


108 min


Not Rated

About the Film:

Join WXXI for Classical 91.5 Presents, a series that spotlights classical music connections in film.

Classical 91.5 Presents...On the Waterfront Saturday November 5 at 3pm at The Little Theatre.  Beloved film and music critic Jack Garner will introduce the movie and be a part of the post-film discussion.

On the Waterfront is a showcase of talent, from the ingenious method acting of Marlon Brando to the masterful direction of the great Elia Kazan.  Kazan weaves a tale of danger and moral dilemma for longshoreman Terry Malloy, who is played with sensitive, subtle power by Marlon Brando.

Dreaming of being a prizefighter, Malloy’s life is changed when he witnesses a murder committed by his superiors.  After he falls in love with the murdered man’s sister, Malloy debates whether to keep quiet and maintain the status quo, or to speak out against his villainous employer Johnny Friendly.

Featuring an immersive score by Leonard Bernstein, On the Waterfront is a near-perfect classic that should not be missed.

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Selected by Classical music hosts Julia Figueras, Brenda Tremblay and Mona Seghatoleslami, each film chosen exemplifies the power of music in a non-traditional narrative. Tickets are $7

On The Waterfront - Trailer