Two Sided Story

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Two Sided Story


75 min


Not Rated

About the Film:

The film follows an encounter group of 27 Palestinians and Israelis – bereaved families, Orthodox Jews and religious Muslims, settlers, ex-soldiers in the Israeli army, ex security prisoners, kibbutz members, second generation holocaust survivors, non-violent activists, and more.


Outside the room, participants may be considered enemies. Inside the room, participants are asked to not try to convince each other and to offer an insight into their inner world. They share their personal experiences along with historical and political interpretation to key events in the conflict: The Nakba, the Holocaust, Occupation, bereavement, suicide bombing, Israeli army, the separation wall, etc.


Not only does the viewer have the opportunity to listen and understand, but the viewer comes along for the ride as participants bring each other into their homes and local neighborhoods as they work to overcome their differences with each other.


Will their differences remain irreconcilable, or will they begin to accept the reality that their colleagues express?