Reservoir Dogs


Reservoir Dogs

Special Screening
Special One-Time Screening
Part of the Saturday Night Rewind series.





About the Film:

A group of thieves assemble to pull of the perfect diamond heist. It turns into a bloody ambush when one of the men turns out to be a police informer. As the group begins to question each other's guilt, the heightening tensions threaten to explode the situation before the police step in. Quentin Tarantino's directorial debut is not only a classic, but it will also change the way you listen to 'Stuck In The Middle With You" by Stealers Wheel.

Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen, Steve Buscemi, Chris Penn, Tim Roth and Lawrence Tierney star. Presented in 35mm.

Saturday Night Rewind is a monthly 35mm film series presented by the Little Theatre and Fright-Rags.

Reservoir Dogs - Trailer