Mike Wallace Is Here


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Mike Wallace Is Here

Special Screening
Special One-Time Screening
Part of the One Take Documentary Series series.




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About the Film:

Never before has journalism in America been so hotly debated. At a time when it seems like the hard-hitting question is fighting for its right to be asked, MIKE WALLACE IS HERE turns the tough question loose on its inventor to understand how we got here and what’s really at stake.

Legendary newsman Mike Wallace unflinchingly interrogated the 20th century’s biggest figures in over fifty years on the air, and his aggressive reporting style and showmanship redefined what America came to expect from broadcasters. Unearthing decades of never-before-seen footage from the 60 Minutes vault, this documentary portrait explores what drove and plagued this restless reporter, whose storied career was entwined with the evolution of journalism itself.

The May 14 screening will include a Q&A with News 8's Maureen McGuire and Resident Media Scholar at St. John Fisher College Tom Proietti after the film. 



• Total Footage: 698 hours (almost 1 month of uninterrupted content)
• Total Transcript Pages: 11,511
• Mike as an interviewee: 91 total interviews, 3,676 pages of transcripts
• Mike’s 60 Minutes Stories: 1,071 total stories by Mike, 5,606 pages of transcripts
• Outtakes from Mike’s 60 Minutes Interviews: 1,363 pages of transcripts
• Night Beat / The Mike Wallace Interview: 73 total interviews, 866 pages of transcripts