Lost Illusions


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Lost Illusions

Special Screening
Special One-Time Screening
Part of the Ballet in Cinema series.




Not Rated

About the Film:

The square before the Paris Opera is living its usual, everyday life. Artists are hurrying to the morning rehearsal. Lucien, a budding composer, makes for the Theatre accompanied by his friends. He is full of hope and dreams of having his works produced on this illustrious stage... Lucien goes up to the director, but the latter gives him the brush off. His friends advise him to persist and, picking up his courage, Lucien goes through the hallowed door.
A rehearsal is in progress — the dancers are doing the morning exercise. The lesson is twice interrupted by the appearance of the ballerinas, Florine and Coralie, accompanied by their patrons — Camusot, who finances the Theatre, and the Duke, who is a social bon vivant. They represent, as it were, two competing parties: Camusot supports Coralie, the Duke — Florine, her rival.

A nervous Lucien enters the room. Under the curious eyes of those present the composer becomes flustered, but begs permission to perform one of his works. Lucien begins to play — at first timidly, then with greater feeling. However, his listeners do not take to his passionate music, full of romantic aspiration. The groups of guests and dancers who, initially, had gathered round the composer, start to melt away. The outcome becomes clear — for the Theatre Director is bound to abide by the opinions of his all-powerful patrons. Lucien’s hopes are shattered. Desperate, his spirits in his boots, he is about to leave, when he is stopped by Coralie. She had been profoundly moved by his music. Making use of her influence with Camusot and the Director, Coralie obtains a commission for Lucien: he is to write the music for La Sylphide, a ballet specially created for Coralie.