Forever Young


Forever Young


60 min.


Not Rated

About the Film:

The fear of aging is one of the most persistent phobias of our youth-oriented culture. This film examines this fear and finds out what the post-retirement years are really like by going directly to the experts, a selected group of active, interested and interesting people who come from various professional, racial and social backgrounds. They include a skydiver, an artist, a farmer, the founder of the American Civil Liberties Union )(Roger Baldwin), a retired high school principal, a toymaker, a caterer, a columnist (Max Lerner), a barnstormer, a beekeeper and a critic (Norma Stoop). All are over 65.

The 26 individuals interviewed speak candidly of their enjoyment o life and frankly about health, happiness, retirement, sex and death. their responses to illness, pain, the inevitability of aging, loss and death are a testament to the human spirit. All of these older people share one thing in common - a true appreciation of life.