A People Without a Land

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A People Without a Land

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About the Film:

Streaming: Oct 4-13, 2020

Online Discussion: Sunday Oct 11 @ 7:00 pm EDT

If you are searching for the historical context for what is often presented as an intractable “conflict,” this film will serve that purpose. The title of this carefully-researched documentary conjures up the Zionist myth that the post-World War II arrival of European Jews in historic Palestine represented a “people without a land” coming to “a land without a people.” The film, which features the work of the Israeli-Palestinian collaboration Zochrot, documents the ongoing ethnic cleansing of millions of Palestinians from their historic homeland beginning with the UN partition of 1947. It exposes the current realities of occupation and settler expansion into East Jerusalem and the West Bank and the challenges posed by these realities to a two-state solution. Program Details & Registration