Stratford Festival: Macbeth


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Stratford Festival: Macbeth

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About the Film:

The Stratford Festival’s Macbeth
Antoni Cimolino’s chilling production of Macbeth takes you back to the stark reality of the 11th century, when the murderous king clawed his way to power. It has been praised as “a thrilling terror,” (Globe and Mail) “a bold and brutal take on the Scottish King’s tragic tale” (Toronto Star), and “a brilliant, terrifying show” that leaves people “gasping in the dark” (Chicago Tribune). Starring Ian Lake in “a galvanizing performance as an unusually young and sexually magnetic Macbeth” (New York Times) and Krystin Pellerin as “a standout Lady Macbeth … at once adorable yet devious” (Postmedia), this is a production that will haunt your dreams and leave you tingling. All hail Macbeth!

The Story
Returning from victory on the battlefield where they have helped crush a rebellion against King Duncan of Scotland, the warriors Macbeth and Banquo are accosted by three mysterious women. These weird sisters greet Macbeth as Thane of Cawdor – a title belonging to one of the vanquished rebels – and predict he will subsequently become king. When Duncan quickly rewards Macbeth with the executed Cawdor’s title, Macbeth – with the encouragement of his ambitious wife – begins to contemplate fulfilling the second part of the sisters’ prophecy by taking his destiny into his own murderous hands.

Globe and Mail
“**** out of 4 stars”

“the most truly satisfying large scale Macbeth I’ve ever seen”

“It’s artistic director Antoni Cimolino’s biggest triumph to date in the Festival Theatre, a staging traditional only in setting, full of fresh faces and ideas.”

“taut, thrilling and, at times, terrifying”

“Stratford Festival’s triumphant Macbeth is a thrilling terror”

Toronto Star
“a bold and brutal take on the Scottish king’s tragic tale that fully embraces the play’s supernatural themes.

“some truly chilling surprises”

“Krystin Pellerin is a standout as Lady Macbeth”

New York Times
“Ian Lake gives a galvanizing performance as an unusually young and sexually magnetic Macbeth”

“the finest production I saw”

Chicago Tribune
“People were gasping in the dark.”
“What a brilliant, terrifying show.”

Macbeth | Stratford Festival HD