"Time & Place" by Betsy Phillips

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"Time & Place" by Betsy Phillips

On Display From: Saturday, October 26 to Friday, November 29

Opening reception is 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 3 in The Little Cafe. 

For many years, I have been fascinated with the impact of time, happen-stance and light on man-made objects, the interplay between man and nature, and the interplay between objects. These images are all “straight” photographs. The only enhancements are a deepening of, or adjustment to color, brightness and contrast. This series focuses on vibrant colors and textures and what I refer to as “urban macro.” My intent is to create abstract “paintings” through the use of photography. 

You can view more of my work at Image City Photography Gallery in Rochester and Artizann’s in Naples , NY, and, until 11/18/19 at the Mill Gallery in Honeoye Falls with the ARENA Art Group, and until 12/16/19 at City Hall in Rochester with the Artists Breakfast Group.

A Rochester native, I have lived a double life, one as caseworker for Monroe County Child Protective Services, and one as an artist/photographer.  A would-be architect, my educational background is in art and design, with only a few courses in photography. In that, I am mostly self-taught. I began over 40 years ago, but consciously chose not to pursue photography as a career, so as to not risk losing the joy of making images. Instead, photography has been a passion that has driven me to far off lands and to local junkyards, to unexpected places and people, to experimentation in a variety of media, and to self-discovery. In 2005, I helped found the still thriving Image City Photography Gallery to showcase my work and that of other photographers. A current partner, I am responsible for much of the curating and most of the graphic design work for the gallery. A longstanding member of both the ARTISTS Breakfast Group and the ARENA Art Group, I am currently exhibition chair and graphic designer for ARENA.