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About the Film:

We hope you’ll agree that this film has quite a different flavor. From the director’s statement, “Delicious food, an inspiring entrepreneur, a true underdog pursuing a seemingly impossible goal, and learning to drive for the first time at age 42? These, I believe, are the ingredients of a great story.”

Soufra focuses on Mariam Shaar, whose family took refuge in Lebanon from 1948 Palestine. Job opportunities for refugees are sparse; she decided to start a food-truck business in Beirut. She founded the titular company; “Soufra” means a big fancy table, she said.

The all-woman team raised $46K+ in seed money through an online campaign, but ran into delays with government approvals required for founding the business and for health licensing. The process took 1-1/2 years, yet at the end … well, that’s what the film is about.

Director Thomas Morgan will join us through video conferencing to respond to audience questions following this screening. He said he was “on the treadmill as an investment banker” when he started writing scripts for plays and made a couple of short films. Serendipitous incidents about homelessness in Charlotte NC led him to the homelessness subject, to leave banking, and eventually to the film Storied Streets (2014). And later to Soufra.

Language: Arabic with English subtitles