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Part of the The Black Cinema Series series.




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Part of The Little's One Take Documentary series and The Black Cinema Series. 

About the Film:

Move documents the aftermath and movement of a community after three young men were gunned downed in a mass shooting after an anti-violence basketball game at a Boys and Girls Club in Rochester, NY. See what happens when an entire community use grassroots efforts to move, band together, and take back their city.

About the filmmaker: Tam Little (Director/Producer):
Tam Little is a first-time filmmaker based in Rochester. Her educational background is in business administration where she currently provides training and development solutions for Fortune 500 companies. However, her interests include coaching and encouraging young people of all ages to pursue their dreams and cultivate their natural born talents through hard work and mentorship.

Tam felt compelled to tell the stories of the families who were left in the wake of a mass shooting after a Stop the Violence basketball tournament at The Boys and Girls Club of Rochester -- a safe haven for millions of boys and girls.

The documentary Move captures a community’s response to the violence in their neighborhoods and their resolve to reduce violence in their city by facing the underlying issues of violence head on. Through the family’s stories, she hopes viewers will walk away taking a moment to remember the casualties of America’s epidemic of gun violence, and see themselves moving and mobilizing their efforts to make children safe in cities and suburbs all across America.

Panel for 12/12:
Lentory Johnson - Mother of Johnny Johnson
Chiara  Smith - SOY (Save our Youth)
Quatermane Titus  - Boys and Girls Club Attendee

Panel for 12/15:
Anita Barley - Mother of Jonah Barley
Tammy Burnett - Mother of Raekwon Manigault
Marlon Dixon - Kick the Violence Founder

Tam Little will be on both panels.

MOVE: The Official Trailer from Virtual Bay Entertainment on Vimeo.