Notes on Blindness

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Friday, December 17

Notes on Blindness

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About the Film:

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In 1983,  after decades  of  steady deterioration, writer and theologian John Hull became totally blind. To help him make sense of the upheaval in his life, he began documenting his experiences on audiocassette.

Following  the  Emmy  Award-winning  short  film  of  the  same  name,  NOTES  ON BLINDNESS takes a creative approach to the documentary form. Actors lip-synch to the   voices   of   the   family,  embedding   John’s original   audio  recordings   within compelling  cinematography  and  textured  sound  design.  The  result  is  a  poetic and intimate  story  of  loss,  rebirth  and  transformation,  documenting  John’s extraordinary journey into 'a world beyond sight.'

The Little is the first theater in the United States to screen the enhanced audio edition of Notes on Blindness.

• The Enhanced Audio Edition is aimed at blind and sighted audiences. The filmmakers of Notes on Blindness worked with one of Europe's leading sound designers, Joakim Sundstrom, and have created a rich, immersive soundtrack calibrated specifically for blind and sighted audiences. This track uses enhanced sound design and additional audio from characters in the film to guide the audience through the story. Instead of  traditional, narration-led model (as you'd typically find with Audio Description) this approach aims to create a rewarding and complete audio experience that coheres tonally with the dramatic universe of the film.

Notes on Blindness trailer - in cinemas & on demand from 1 July