OTFF: Short Films, Long Lunch

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Short Films, Long Lunch

Special Screening
Special One-Time Screening
Part of the One Take Documentary Series series.




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About the Film:

Short Films, Long Lunch Program: Celebrating the best short non-fiction films from WNY filmmakers
Grab and go lunches from Orange Glory Catering will be available for purchase at the Little Concession stand for a delicious mess-free lunch you can eat while you watch!

THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES, by Max Mooney,14 min.

Pat McQueen is an 86 year old woman suffering from Alzheimer's. The film follows the disease from her perspective as she becomes more and more isolated.

THIN ICE, by Nathaniel Silverman, 15 min.

Thin Ice tells the story of the Zyra family from Rochester, New York and their experience with the sport of sled hockey and their efforts to start a team in Rochester.

SALT OF THE EARTH, by Clara Riedlinger, 15 min.

Salt of the Earth is a short documentary about the small town of Watkins Glen, NY. It explores ideas of rural american's perspectives on themselves through interviews with Rosanne Doane and lyrical imagery of the Upstate Landscape.

FUELING THE FAIL, by T.C. Pellett, 1 min.

Originally part of Cohber Printing's "FUEL" calendar project for 2017, filmmaker T.C. Pellett was selected along with 11 other people to create a piece on the simple theme of FAIL. All participants had a level playing field in that each had to use a smartphone and the final edit had to be :60 or less. For his entry, T.C. decided to tell the story of his Father's long gestating project of rebuilding his dream street rod, but with what he felt the car's perspective would be instead of himself or his father. The result is a small reminder that failure is not to something to fear, but to fuel, with creativity and never-ending passion.


Driving Around Rochester With Rick was created to support the Rick McKee Hock annual artist residency at Visual Studies Workshop. The 5–minute tour of the city was edited from material produced by Lauren Bon and Metabolic Studio during a trip to Rochester, NY in 2013.


Barbara Horton spent 25 years in a home she loved. Her son was born there. Her husband died there. That's when the problems began. In 2016, Barbara and her son lost their home to bank greed, transporting them from hope, to defiance, to despair as their lives were reduced to 3 storage garages filled with what was once their lives.

PIG, by Holly McMahon, 21 min.

Pig explores the dangers of the teacup pig scam and the lifelong bonds that form between humans and pigs

BECAUSE OF WOMEN LIKE HER, by William Schwappacher, 5 min.

On Election Day, 2016, thousands made a pilgrimage to grave of leading suffragist Susan B. Anthony, to celebrate the promise of a woman being elected as president of the United States for the first time in history. “Because of Women Like Her” captures a remarkable day of hope, reflection and solidarity.