Boogie Nights


Boogie Nights

Special Screening
Special One-Time Screening
Part of the MONDO MOVIE SERIES series.


155 min.



About the Film:

Eddie Adams would have been just another high-school drop-out had he not met the likes of adult film director Jack Horner. Horner transforms Eddie into Dirk Diggler, a rising-star actor with a special gift. Set in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the film is a tribute to the decor, style, culture, and social attitudes of the era. 

We swear this is the only Dirk Diggler movie that has ever played at The Little. Mark Wahlberg, Burt Reynolds, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Julianne Moore, and John C. Reilly are all at the top of their game here.

Boogie Nights (1997) Official Trailer #1 - Paul Thomas Anderson Movie